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We have sheltered berthing for over 200 boats – between finger berths, 600 metres of parallel pontoon and swinging moorings.

Visitor Berthing

We reserve over 50 berths for visiting vessels, and regularly accommodate in excess of 100 boats during busy festival and holiday weekends, when rafting may take place. As visible on the Pontoon Plan, visitor berths are situated in three locations:

  • A-leg (up to 12m)
  • G-leg (12 - 15m)
  • East Main Leg, which runs parallel to the shoreline in front of the sailmaker's (broad beam vessels and special requirements).

Please note the hammerheads are reserved for larger vessels over 15.5m. Visitors are asked not to berth on these unless you have made prior arrangements with the harbour office.


Reservations can only be made for vessels over 15.5m (including festival weekends). Arrangements can be made for persons on board requiring special assistance. All visitors should radio VHF Ch14, or call the Harbour Office on approach to be directed to an appropriate berth, and register at the Chandlery Reception upon arrival (seasonal opening times apply, please check here for more information)..

Visitor Rates

Rates for visitors on the pontoons is priced per metre and includes free Wi-Fi, water and electricity, as well as 24/7 access to the toilet and shower block. Please ask for the toilet and shower block code at the reception to access the facilities. Pricing details

Swinging moorings are offered at a flat rate of £16 per night, regardless of the length of your vessel, for those up to 12 metres.

Honesty Policy

Visiting vessels should radio VHF CH14 or telephone the Harbour Office or Reception prior to berthing, and register at the Chandlery Reception upon arrival (seasonal opening times apply, please check here for more information).

If you arrive out of hours, please proceed to an available berth on the Visitor Pontoons, highlighted on our Harbour Plan.

We operate an Honesty Policy too, so you can refer to the rates list in the toilet & shower block and post your dues into the honesty box using the envelopes provided.

In case of any urgent enquiries or assistance, the on-call duty officer can be contacted by calling 01880 820 344 and waiting for the diversion.

Annual & Seasonal Berthing

We offer very competitive prices for annual and seasonal berths, with a number of berth holder benefits:

  • A naturally sheltered harbour, easily accessible at all states of the tide, making it a safe haven for you to berth your boat all year round.
  • Marina positioned central to the village with a wide range of amenities, including a selection of eateries, shops and galleries.
  • Berth at the heart of a popular sail-to destination with traditional charm and a vibrant social calendar.
  • 10% off purchases at the Tarbert Yacht Chandlery.
  • Free use of the community marquee and recreation area for events.
  • Free unique subscriber Wi-Fi login details. The service is provided by WiFiSPARK with content filtering and bandwidth control in place. Berth holders receive higher speeds, unlimited usage, and access to the 24/7 help desk.
  • Flexible payment options:
    10 monthly payments can be made by Direct Debit for Annual berths to spread the cost throughout the year (last payment due January; 7% admin fee). Prices
  • We appreciate that sometimes plans change or boats get sold. In these instances, refunds are at the discretion of the Harbour Master - but we will be as flexible as we can be.
  • Arriving late? Although our financial year runs from April-March, we may be able to offer you a pro-rata rate from the date of your arrival.

Deposits and refunds

Deposit Policy

THA require new and returning berth holders to pay a non-refundable £200 deposit to secure a marina berth / mooring in Tarbert.

Customers may be entitled to receive the booking deposit back in certain circumstances, this will only be at the discretion of the Harbour Master.

Charges/Refund Policy

Berth holders who depart their marina berth / mooring earlier than anticipated, please note that your rate may change to a summer/monthly rate and not necessarily pro rata, depending on what time of the season the vessel departs.

Vessels Ashore

During the winter months, the car park is used as a storage area for customer vessels, which are lifted out around October and back in during March. Owners requiring lift out/in must be present on the day, supply their own cradle, and only boats up to 12m can use the crane.

Tarbert Harbour Berthing Fees - 2023 / 2024

Marina fees - for all Pleasure Yachts, Motor Boats, Cruisers, etc. not carrying goods or passengers for hire berthed at quays, piers, walkways, or pontoons:

*All Prices are inclusive of VAT (Prices updated to website 18th March 2023)

Berthing Calculator

Save the head scratching and get an estimate on berthing fees in Tarbert Harbour Marina here:
Pontoon Berths - (per metre)
Non Local
Visitor Rates - (per metre)
Winter Storage in Car Park - (1st October – 31st March)
Per Metre
Annual Berth Holders Exempt

Lease of Moorings Owned by Harbour Authority - (max. 12metre)

For all Pleasure Yachts, Motor Boats, Cruisers, etc. not carrying goods or passengers for hire berthed at quays, piers, walkways, or pontoons:

*All Prices are inclusive of VAT (Prices updated 16th March 2023)

Per Annum
(Apr - Sep)
Non Local
Dinghy Berthing at Pontoons - (5m max)
Per Annum

For all Pleasure Yachts, Motor Boats, Cruisers, etc. not carrying goods or passengers for hire berthed at quays, piers, walkways, or pontoons:

Terms & Conditions

  1. All Pleasure craft are subject to VAT at the appropriate rate. Fishing and Shipping are exempt.
  2. Berths can be rented for a maximum of a year from 1st April.  The owner is liable for the full period rented whether full use of the facilities is made.  Refunds will only be given at the discretion of the Harbour Master.
  3. Boats with excess beam including catamarans and trimarans will be charged extra.
  4. The Harbour Board reserves the right to use any berth or mooring owned by it on a daily basis when such berthing is not occupied by the person who pays for it on an annual, six monthly or weekly basis.
  5. Berthing/Mooring dues payable by 1st April.  5% Interest will be added monthly to overdue accounts.
  6. Day visitor’s 0800 – 1700 hours free.  Unless taking water or use of the facilities.

Additional Information - (Fishing and Commercial)

Waste Disposal (Non-exempt vessels only)

The Rates and dues include Port Waste Facilities to the level required by local and leisure craft.  Any requirements for additional waste facilities or specialised waste disposal, in terms of the Merchant Shipping & Fishing Vessels (Port Waste Reception Facilities) Regulations 2003, must be made to the Harbour Master at least 24 hours in advance.  A cost shall be provided; this cost shall be paid prior to the provision of the service.

NOTE: Waste oil: ….. First 50 ltrs. free - thereafter  £1.62 for every additional 10 ltrs.

IV Fishing Vessels

For Fishing Vessels registered in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands for any one year commencing April 1 as a composition in full or rates for such vessels for that period for each vessel payable in advance and including composition for a supply of water per annum.

In order for a Vessel to qualify as a “Registered Fishing Vessel” the owner thereof would require to produce evidence of payment dues on at least £10,000 value of Fish Landings during the previous year. Registered Numbers will require to be printed on Vessels to the standard required by Registration Authority.

Fish Handling Surcharge
£30.50 (per metre)
For each Registered Fishing Vessel. p.a.
£17.86  (per metre)
Net Boxes/Bait Boxes
£49.00 (per box)
Fishing vessels not fishing for more than one year
£84.34 (per metre)
For all such fishing vessels as are above mentioned for which the said composition was not paid.
For each vessel per day
£2.76 (per box)
£76.65 (per tonne)
Use of Forklift
£25.30 (per hour)

VI Charges for use of Beaching Ground

(a) For every vessel other than T.H.A Berth Holders beached or laid up for repairs or other purposes in advance for every fortnight or part thereof .............. £55.12

(b) Use of Scrubbing Facility adjacent to Quay:

Fishing Vessels & Berth Holders - Free

Non T.H.A Berth Holder - £36.75 per day

Other Commercial Vessels - £55.00 per day

VII Slipping or launching of Boats from the Quay, pier and generally from the Harbour undertaking.

Provided the boat is only on the Harbour undertaking for one day or less - £45.65 per boat.

Per extra day if boat is stored on the Harbour, Quay, Piers etc. - £64.00 per boat.

VIII Water

For every Tonne of water supplied to any Vessel - £7.35

IX) Lorry Parking on Harbour Ground

All persons who keep lorries on Harbour Ground will pay £511.35 per annum per lorry – The Harbour Authority reserves the right to limit the number of lorries which may be parked on or which may use the Quay on a permanent basis.  The owners of such lorries will be responsible for payment for all water used in accordance with section VIII above.

X) Stores, Sheds and Offices

Rates for rental of stores, Sheds and Offices (when these are available) or for space to site temporary accommodation will be subject to negotiation in each case with the Trustees.

Note: Trustees reserve the right to negotiate special rates and dues either higher or lower than the above in special circumstances e.g.

  1. Where a long term arrangement is desired    
  2. Where unusually large vessels are using the Harbour
  3. Where unusually sized, shaped or weighted loads are being handled or are using part of the Harbour Board’s undertaking
  4. In all other cases where the Trustee’s consider special circumstances exist



Schedule of Maximum Rates and Dues to be levied at the Harbour at Tarbert, Loch Fyne, under the Pier and Harbour Order Confirmation (No.1) Act, 1912, and Harbours Act, 1964, as from April 1st, 2023.

Rates on Goods, Passengers, Vehicles, etc., shipped, transported or unshipped

All bulk cargoes (except fish) per ton - £1.65

Cars or 4x4 £1.65

Motorhomes, Caravans etc. up to 6M - £4.15

Trailers /Motorcycles - £0.61

Commercial Vehicles and Motorhomes over 6M - £11.55

Passengers and normal luggage each - £2.31

Herring per £ value (paid by fishermen) - 2½%

Fish (fresh in bulk), Prawns, Shrimps, Crabs, Lobsters, Escallops and Queen Clams, etc. per £ value - 2½%


(1) Fish dues are to be submitted to the Harbour Master on a monthly basis

(2) In cases where Crabs or other Shell Fish are landed using the Quay facilities or brought by land to the Quay for sale or transfer on the Quay but no dues are paid through the Fish Salesmen the purchasers thereof from the Fishermen are responsible for payment at a rate of 1 ¼% of the buying price and such purchasers are to provide a satisfactory method of vouching the value upon which the 1 ¼% charge is payable.

(3) Fishermen using the quay facilities for fish landings, but not landing through a Fish Salesmen, must submit weekly to the Harbour Master an account of the Gross value of their catches in order that the correct dues be levied.  If this regulation is not complied with the Harbour Masters assessment of the amount due will be payable.  Failure to comply will lead to denial of the use of the facilities.

(4) Masters of all other vessels must account to the Harbour Master for Cargo and Passenger dues (without prejudice to their right to recover by custom or contract).

II Vessels other than Fishing Vessels

For every vessel discharging or shipping passengers or goods per day or per trip if

More than one trip per day per gross tonne - 67p

Unmanned vessel on Harbour undertaking per day per gross tonne - £1.00

For vessels moored to Harbour works, per day or per part of day per gross tonne - 69p

Additional dues will be charged for labour involved in berthing.

Updated 16/03/2023