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Tarbert Harbour Mission Statement

THA operates Tarbert Harbour to contribute to Tarbert’s economic prosperity and sustainability.

About Tarbert Harbour Authority

Tarbert (Loch Fyne) Harbour Authority is a Trust Port established by Act of Parliament in 1912. It is an independent statutory body governed by its own legislation and guided by Government Code of Practice.


The governance of the Authority is undertaken by a board of eight trustees – four of whom are elected by the local community, three appointed, and the eighth member is the harbour Master/Port Manager.


The Authority is a not for profit organisation recognised as a social enterprise. Like any other self-financing business, THA is dependent on cash flow and profits for its successful operation. All surpluses are reinvested to ensure that the facilities and infrastructure are properly maintained and improved for the benefit of its users.


We work closely with the local community, supporting local events and providing benefits for its stakeholders through improving leisure facilities and amenities.



East Loch Tarbert has been used as a place of shelter for both fishermen and traders for over one hundred years.


In 1708 its importance was recognised by an Act of Parliament which empowered the local land owner, together with three justices of the peace nearest to Tarbert and the sheriff Principal of the shire, “to make and keep in good repair a harbour or quay at East Tarbert along with wharfs and buildings as they may be thought necessary for the anchoring of all ships and boats and for landing and laying of fish or merchandise”.

Under the provisions of this Act the landowner was granted the right to charge dues to “all persons and master of vessels using the harbour and its facilities". Such revenues thus raised were to be applied to making, amending and maintaining the said harbour and quay of East Tarbert.

Meet the Team

We currently employ 8 members of staff

  • Harbour Master – Donald McAllister
  • Office Manager – Pauline Laycock
  • Business Development  – Peter Minshall
  • Accounts Administrator – Catherine Mair
  • Fish Quay Operative – Jimmy Gibb
  • Fish Quay Operative – Craig Gibb
  • Harbour Assistant – Beckie Turner
  • Housekeeping & Groundwork Assistant – Shona Henderson

Board of Trustees

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