Tarbert Harbour Authority: Investment in community and spaces

Update on the Tarbert Harbour Authority UKCRF project:

As you are aware towards the end of 2021, Tarbert Harbour Authority was successful in securing grant funding of £257,250 through the UK Governments ‘Communities Renewal Fund’ as part of the Levelling Up Agenda aimed at stimulating growth and enabling community projects.

This grant allowed the Harbour to appoint a team of consultants who, following the Public Consultation in March this year, and being mindful of the comments made; have over the last six months investigated, designed and developed several major projects throughout the Harbour and Tarbert Village. These projects are intended to transform and rejuvenate the village, the Harbour and their environs.

The team is very conscious that they need to keep the community informed and involved. A public drop-in event was therefore arranged for Wednesday 16th November 2022 at the Templar Arts and Leisure Centre (TALC) in order to showcase the chosen projects and give the public an opportunity to put any questions to the Consultants, prior to taking them forward to full Planning Permission.

The final plans/proposals can now be viewed below:


Project information, maps and info (Click on the links below for more information per project - this information is available as PDF downloads).

Activity Hub -

Harbour Activity Hub - Proposed Site Plan

Harbour Activity Hub - Proposed Ground Floor Plan

Harbour Activity Hub - Proposed First Floor Plan

Boat Yard - (Appendix E - Development Proposal)

Boat Yard - Proposed elevations

Visualisation from the East as proposed

Bowling Club - (Appendix E - Development proposals)

Bowling Club - Proposed Site Plan

Bowling Club - Proposed Floor Plan

Bowling Club - MUGA proposed site plan

Calmac Slipway - (Appendix E - Development proposals)

Calmac Slipway - Development Proposal

East Pier - (Appendix E - Development proposals)

East Pier - Option 1 - (Pier Extension) - Proposed Plan

East Pier - Option 1 - (Pier Extension) - Proposed Elevations

East Pier - Option 1 - (Pier Extension) - Proposed Berthing Layout

East Pier Building - (Appendix E - Development proposals)

East Pier - Proposed North & West Elevations

Fish Quay - (Appendix E - Development proposals)

Fish Quay - Proposed Plan

Yacht Club - (Appendix E - Development proposals)

Yacht Club - Proposed Site Plan

Yacht Club - Proposed elevations - Phase 1

Yacht Club - Proposed Site Plan in context

This project is funded by the UK Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund.

Project Team:
Architect & Project Lead:
Marine & Civil Engineer:
Project Manager:
Tourism and Rural Development:
November 22, 2022
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