Welcome Addition to Tarbert Harbour Amenity Area

The Harbour Board are pleased to announce that, just in time for the King’s Coronation, the Harbour was able to open to the public the newly installed ‘In-ground low bounce’ Childrens Trampolines’.

The trampolines, which are suitable for public play areas and can also be used as a wheelchair trampoline, have replaced the old and underused ‘boules court area’ within the Harbour amenity area.  The trampolines have been well received by the local community and visitors alike and it is hoped will bring endless hours of fun for a long time to come.  

The Trampolines were installed with the aid of a grant from the ‘Cour Windfarm Community Benefit Fund’, the installation work was carried out by George McNaughton and Son and took approx. two weeks to complete.

Download the Trampoline Safety guide here

Board of Trustees
Tarbert Harbour Authority

Updated 26th June 23

May 16, 2023
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